We have worked on hundreds of exotics and have handled just about every aspect of mechanical, interior, exterior/body, and restoration.

If you have any questions about how we work, the quality of our work or want a reference, call us at 614-855-0425.

We’re Professionals – We adhere to high professional standards when dealing with our customers, vendors, and suppliers. We treat people the way we like to be treated – with respect and dignity.
Quality of Work – If we can’t do quality repair or restoration on your car after we diagnose the problem and talk to you, we won’t work on it. We won’t compromise our high quality standards. We don’t rush jobs through.
High Ethical Standards – The automotive repair industry has a mixed reputation when it comes to ethics. We maintain high ethical standards at NJB. We don’t repair or replace parts that don’t need it and we don’t try to scare you into getting more done than you really need. We’re upfront with you and honest. We offer fair and reasonable pricing.
Attention to Detail – Since we only service and repair exotic automobiles, we know them inside and out. We don’t miss the small details the way some large commercial or high volume shops do.
We Guarantee Our Work – We guarantee all work performed on your vehicle.
Free Flow of Communication – If changes to any aspect of the original work order are needed, we will contact you to go over it. There is an open line of communication to our shop at all times.
We’re Easy to Do Business With – We are a small, dedicated, specialized repair shop that gives personalized attention. Doing business with us is simple and non-bureaucratic. You’ll never get caught up in the phone system or have to talk to four or five people before you find the right contact. In fact, most of the time, you’ll probably talk directly to the professional doing the actual repair work on your car. We’ll give you the straight answers.

Privacy – Photos of your car will not appear on any social networking Web sites without your permission.


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